Posted by Matt on Tuesday, March 13, 2012.

300,000,000 pounds

I’m getting word that Brighter Planet credit and debit cardholders have collectively blazed past yet another major milestone on the road to a cleaner future: 300,000,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions offset!

Three hundred million pounds. Sounds impressive, but how much prevented CO2 is this, really? Well, it’s equivalent to the carbon footprint of all the lights in every US home over more than four days – or of more than eleven million Americans leaving their car in the garage for a day and instead riding their bicycle to work. This volume of CO2 would fill a few party balloons for every child on earth – or it would fill one tractor trailer, every single day, for 1800 years.

An impressive accomplishment indeed. But what’s equally impressive is how it’s been accomplished: through the widespread use of innovative technology and market mechanisms that harness the power of everyday actions to build (quite literally) a clean energy future.

Thank you, all you Brighter Planet members, for doing your part.

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