Posted by Ian on Monday, January 30, 2012.

New wind offset project

Time for a new offset project - this time it’s wind turbines on two family farms in northern Iowa.

Turbine Image credit: NativeEnergy

Once again we’re working with our partner NativeEnergy to support a small project that fights climate change and strengthens the local community. The project’s emissions reductions will be validated and verified under the Verified Carbon Standard.

This latest project involves two 1.6 MW turbines, one on Ruth and Ken Benjegerdes farm, the other on Lesley and Nora Mammen’s. Both families have watched as wind turbines transform this mostly coal-powered landscape, bringing jobs, increased tax revenue, and rural economic development. Young people who used to leave the towns have begun to stay, and farmers are welcoming a new source of critical income.

Lesley Mammen was born in Iowa, although he left for several years before returning home. He and his wife, Nora, can see a large wind farm from their property, which inspired them to investigate wind on their own land.

Ken Benjegerdes is the grandson of the original homesteaders, and his family has owned the land for nearly 100 years. From the porch of the house in which he was born, Ken and Ruth can now look over their fields of soybeans and corn to watch their own turbine produce renewable energy.

As always, we’re proud to help our customers and cardholders build a clean energy future.

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