Posted by Ian on Monday, January 23, 2012.

New data from Northstar Travel Media

We’re close to finishing some exciting updates to our Lodging model: soon it will be able to identify the actual hotel a client stayed at and use that property’s physical characteristics to calculate energy use and emissions.

A key piece in this process is the hotel database we just purchased from Northstar Travel Media.

Northstar’s database covers more than 200,000 hotels worldwide. Along with a unique identifier for each property, it includes locational information and building attributes such as when the hotel was built, when it was last renovated, and how many rooms it has. It also provides some important energy use indicators like how many rooms are air-conditioned.

With this new data we’ll be able to fine-tune our energy and emission predictions to reflect the actual characteristics of the hotel where a lodging occurred, rather than relying on broader averages. This is particularly exciting because it will let us start to show differences in emissions between hotels in the same city.

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