Posted by matt on Tuesday, October 04, 2011.

How Green is Your Workplace?

Survery report cover{.wrapped} This month we’re conducting our second annual employee engagement survey, co-sponsored by Conservation International’s Business & Sustainability Council. The survey will benchmark what businesses are doing to involve employees in sustainability and analyze evolutions since last year. We hope you’ll participate and also share the survey with your colleagues. To sweeten the deal, we’ll hand out $200 to a randomly selected respondent!

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As Ceres president Mindy Lubber said in her foreword to our first annual survey report, “Employees represent a critical element in an organization’s efforts to fuse sustainability with profitability. An organization’s success in meeting these goals can rise or fall with its ability to empower and incentivize its employees to integrate sustainability into their day to day activities and decision making. This does require planning and effort. But institutions that have invested in the right systems and structures find that these are yielding not only environmental and social benefits but also helping the bottom line.”

Our survey was the first to benchmark how US organizations are interacting with staff on sustainability and energy efficiency. We compared approaches and effectiveness across industries, identified best practices from successful programs, and reported that while most organizations had begun to engage employees on these issues, few were doing so in a coordinated or effective manner.

Our findings have since been used by municipal governments, businesses, and non-profits to improve their work in this growing and rapidly developing field. In the past year institutions from Walmart to Intel to eBay have learned from experience with engagement programs, organizations such as the National Environmental Education Foundation have adopted research and advancement of sustainability engagement as major priorities, and federal agencies have begun responding to an executive order for quantified progress on this front.

Thanks for taking part and helping spread the word!

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