Posted by Robbie on Wednesday, August 17, 2011.

A Quarter Billion Strong

Yesterday, we sent out a note to tens of thousands of Brighter Planet Visa cardholders thanking them for their effort in creating the industry’s leading environmental card program and in turn the largest consumer carbon offset program in the country. Over 180,000 cardholders have helped to provide financing for 20 clean energy projects throughout the US. Without their support these projects never would have been built and over a quarter billion pounds of CO2, the equivalent of 9.5 million daily commutes, would have been emitted. These projects not only reduce carbon emissions, they provide additional environmental and social value by mitigating electricity costs for family farms and schools, providing green jobs, preserving biodiversity, and helping to clean our air and water.

At a time when climate change and renewable energy development seems to have slipped from our national consciousness, Brighter Planet’s community continues to grow and strengthen. So again, thank you for being leaders and helping to create our clean energy future.

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