Posted by Derek on Monday, April 11, 2011.

CodeConf 5k Results

The results are in! We sponsored a morning “Healthy Hacker” 5k run along San Francisco’s Embarcadero. It was a beautiful morning for a run, and we all at Brighter Planet had a great time. Thanks to everyone who participated!

NumberNameTotal Time
39Jeremy Ashkenas21:03.5
49Mark Headd21:24.6
37Ian Young21:27.7
43Ethan Herdrick21:42.1
56Douglas Sellers22:10.6
26Jacob Kaplan-Moss23:09.3
51Kasima Tharnpipitchai23:16.8
02Sean Bleier23:20.3
11Scott Chacon23:22.6
53Mislav Marohnić23:23.0
05Seth Fitzsimmons23:58.3
25Piet Jaspers24:12.2
83Jeremy Yun24:52.1
19Etienne Segonzac25:25.6
29Florian Le Goff26:19.9
36Jelle Vandebeeck27:13.8
99Chris Bowns27:19.4
13Clint Shryock28:00.7
20Matthew Aebersold28:21.1
04Derek Kastner28:51.8
30John Crepezzi29:07.4
34Aubrey Holland29:23.2
32Baldur Gudbjornsson29:53.1
85Jose Fernandez31:44.5
24Clint Ecker31:49.4
50Ryan Williams33:41.6
40Ilya Shindyapin33:48.3
07Rob Tsuk34:36.4

We also had a great time at CodeConf. It was very well put together and the folks at Github deserve serious kudos. The speakers all had great things to say and the social events were creative and top-notch.

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