Posted by Matt on Friday, February 11, 2011.

New electricity model goes live

We’ve just switched on version 0.0.1 of our newest carbon model, Electricity Use, hosted on our CM1 footprint calculation platform.

The new tool takes electricity carbon calculation functionality that’s long been an integral part of many of our existing models, and packages it in a standalone module for use in apps dealing more directly with electricity data.

The model can be used to measure carbon impacts in any application that processes electricity data, from smart grid metering or billing utilities to corporate accounting and ERP systems. We’ve already got developers working to deploy the new plug-in in their apps. Check out a sample calculation here.

Powering the calculations are data from the EPA’s eGRID, the definitive source for data on geographic variation in grid electricity sources in the US. Upcoming versions will expand the tool’s functionality to incorporate even higher resolution data on fluctuations in electric sources.

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