Posted by Derek on Wednesday, December 08, 2010.

Nominate Brighter Planet for the Crunchies!

We at Brighter Planet are extremely excited about our Carbon Middleware platform that we launched this year. We believe the platform is well positioned to change the way carbon information is gathered, viewed, and assessed. The challenge for us as a small company is getting the word out in this vast sea of information that is the Internet.

Tech Crunch’s 2010 Crunchies Award is an opportunity to help us do just that. So if you like what we’ve been working on please nominate us for best CleanTech start-up of the year.

Here’s how we’re changing the game:

  • Carbon information - on demand and integrated. What if every time you wanted to know much fat was in your favorite snack you had to call a 1-800 number? Chances are, you probably wouldn’t spend the time. At Brighter Planet, we think that getting carbon information is just as difficult. We designed Carbon Middleware so that you could easily learn about the carbon impact of your decisions contextually, whether that be when you’re booking a flight on Kayak, sending a package with FedEx, or charging a hotel room to your credit card.
  • No more black box. If you enter information into ten carbon calculators, chances are you’ll get ten different scores and have no idea why. This creates a trust problem. To combat it, Brighter Planet is embracing radical transparency. Our carbon models are open source. Every calculation we provide includes methodology documentation so you can see how we derived our estimate. Finally, our models are being third-party certified so you can rest, assured we’re not just making this up.
  • Less than a penny. Carbon is so ubiquitous that if you have to pay a fortune to account for it, you’ll probably break the bank long before you reduce your impact. With Carbon Middleware you pay a fraction of a cent per calculation. There’s no large, upfront fee or monthly hosting cost - you just pay as you go.

Confronting climate change is difficult enough as it is. Getting information about your footprint doesn’t have to be.

So what are you waiting for? Nominate us now and please tell your friends!

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