Posted by bessie on Thursday, June 10, 2010.

200 million pounds!

201,938,091 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution that never was.

As of today that’s the greenhouse gas emissions that you, the Brighter Planet community, have prevented from being released.  More than 150,000 individuals and businesses have come together to support the construction of 19 community renewable energy projects (and counting).  These wind turbines and cow power facilities at schools and family farms across the country generate clean electricity and prove the viability of new energy technologies, create green jobs and economic opportunity in rural America, and reduce the environmental and social burdens of fossil fuel use, coal mining, and methane pollution.

The greenhouse gas emissions you’ve prevented so far is equivalent to:

  • 4,000,000,000 party balloons filled with carbon dioxide -- two for every child on earth
  • 6,600,000 cars removed from the road for a day
  • 23,700,000 tree saplings sequestering carbon for a year
  • 480 railroad cars full of coal never burned
  • 3 full days of every US home turning off all their lights

Thanks everybody for doing your part to prove that working together using innovative tools, we can make a very real difference!

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