Posted by bessie on Friday, April 09, 2010.

TreeHugger's "Best of Green" awards hit home

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TreeHugger has just announced the “Best of Green” awards. And we’re proud and thrilled to see that Brighter Planet has taken the cake for Small Business of the Year!

The work we do here is fairly diverse, so it’s nice when somebody captures it succinctly. TreeHugger’s summary observed:

“Offering credit and debit cards and carbon offsets, funding several small-scale renewable energy projects such as methane digesters and farmer-owned wind turbines, and also doing some interesting carbon reporting – most recently one on the carbon footprint of food which clarified some important aspects of the impact of food miles – Brighter Planet’s products, projects and services stood out this year.”

Many of our friends and allies were recognized in the Best of Green awards as well. Congrats for your well-deserved wins:

  • Bill McKibben (member of our advisory board), named Best Political Amabassador
  • Our partners at 1% for the Planet, named Best Non-Profit Partnership
  • Our partners as, named Best Climate Activism
  • The folks at Greenbiz, named Best Business Website
  • Climate Progress, a favorite blog of ours, named Best Politics Website
  • Gavin Newsom of San Francisco (which we now call home in concert with Vermont), named Best Mayor

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