Posted by bessie on Tuesday, October 21, 2008.

Drumroll please: the Climate Matters winners

Over the last three months, we’ve had the pleasure of running the Climate Matters video contest alongside our partners at 1Sky. Today, we’d like to announce our winners.

Drum roll please…

1st Place: Climate Matters, by Steven Dempsey 2nd Place: Ask the Children, by Barbara Lucas 3rd Place: Green To Blue, by Elizabeth Klein 3rd Place: This Lawn is Your Lawn, by Roger Doiron

Winning Movies from the Climate Matters Video Contest from Brighter Planet on Vimeo.

You can see them now on our channel.

These four videos, chosen by our distinguished panel of judges, represent the best of over 100 submissions from all around the country. What we at Brighter Planet found striking about the process has been the diversity of content and perspective. It has been made evermore apparent to us that to frame climate change as a youth issue, an energy issue, an environmental issue, etc. is fundamentally flawed. These videos creatively define climate change as an overarching issue. Some paint a daunting and often terrifying picture, while others seek to provide hope and inspiration. What they make clear is that the challenge of tackling climate change is also an opportunity. They urge our next president to act forcefully for the betterment of not only our planet, but its people.

So, thank you to all those who participated; thank you for your energy, emotion, for lending your voices, and faces to this issue. You help to humanize this global challenge, making it more accessible and approachable. Now the fun part; please help get the word out about these amazing videos. Check out our winners and other finalist and embed those you like on your blog, facebook or myspace page, and if you’re really feeling active, send it along to your congressional representative.

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