Posted by matt on Wednesday, October 19, 2011.

Green Developers: a penny for your thoughts

Brighter Planet is working on a paper outlining the growing ecosystem of green apps, and if you are a software developer who’s worked in this area, we want your perspective. By sharing your thoughts about your own apps and the broader movement, you’ll help inform our best practices for engaging developers and could get a bump by having your app covered as a case study in the paper.

The short questionnaire shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes:

Within the broad field of environmental apps, we’re particularly interested in one subset: tools that use hard data to help individuals and small organizations make more informed, sustainable decisions. The EPA has recently put the spotlight on apps like this in their Apps for the Environment Challenge. At Brighter Planet, our Developer Fellowship also provides support for work in this space. We’d love to hear from developers participating in these initiatives and others.

The paper will present our thinking on the state of the green apps ecosystem, explore challenges and opportunities in igniting innovation, and highlight examples of cool apps and developer engagement initiatives.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’ll let you know when the paper is released!

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