Posted by Andy on Friday, October 14, 2011.

Carbon Nation

Carbon Nation movie poster{.wrapped} Here’s a guest post from our good friend and former Planeteer Carolyn Barnwell, who’s now involved, among other things, in Carbon Nation, an important new documentary on climate change. Without further ado . . .

Sometimes the best way to promote clean energy is to ignore climate change and focus on things like jobs, money and national security. Carbon Nation is a solutions-based, non-partisan documentary that illustrates why it’s smart to be a part of the new, low-carbon economy. It just came out on DVD and Video On Demand! The movie’s message dovetails perfectly with the trail-blazing carbon data integration that Brighter Planet is doing.

Award-winning director Peter Byck has traveled around the country with the film for over a year. He says, “We seem to have cracked the nut of communicating clean energy, energy efficiency, energy & national security to conservatives, even Tea Party folks.” When it comes to the low-carbon economy, he says, we are not a polarized country. It’s good business, it emboldens national and energy security, and it improves health and the environment.   Carbon Nation features a cast of engaging characters from towns big and small, and introduces us to a new wave of American ingenuity. One-armed Texas cotton farmer Cliff Etheredge & his small farm-owning neighbors create the world’s largest wind farm.

Colonel Dan Nolan (US Army, Ret.), an outspoken “Green Hawk,” is working to make military bases and the Pentagon more energy efficient, not only saving fuel, but soldiers’ lives. Col. Nolan says, “Climate change in fact is a national security issue. This is no longer the purview of Birkenstock-wearing tree huggers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

The cast also includes: Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin Group), Thomas L. Friedman (The New York Times), James Woolsey (former CIA Director), Bernie Karl (Geothermal pioneer from Alaska), Denis Hayes (Founder of Earth Day), Van Jones (Founder, Green For All) and more climate change pioneers. I have been fortunate to seen Van Jones speak in person a few times and his openness in this movie showed a more vulnerable and accessible side of him that’s quite moving.
  In a final plug, I’ll share the Huffington Post’s review: “Entertaining … endearing … and exceptional. This is not just a film worth seeing, but it is one that is well worth sharing—as widely as possible.” You can watch the trailer, buy the DVD, or even sign up to join over 400 others who have hosted a screening at their website. At the moment I’m writing this, there are only 10 copies left on Amazon . . . I say go for the DVD because it includes tons of special features and even a full second documentary, “Garbage,” which was a Best Documentary winner at SXSW Film Festival!

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