Posted by Andy on Friday, July 23, 2010.

Relaunching the blog

We’ve been hosting our own blog for a couple of years now on a custom Wordpress installation, dealing from time to time with all the idiosyncracies of a PHP application. As part of the process of launching our developer ecosystem, we thought we’d take the opportunity to transition to a more convenient, reliable approach.

After looking at a gazillion options (seriously, where are the blogging platforms that support syntax highlighting out of the box?), we settled on jekyll, which we’re already using for our Developer Hub. We’re hosting this using GitHub Pages, so deploys are as simple as

$ git push

Anyways, expect to see a greater focus on the technology behind Brighter Planet here on the new blog. Here we go!

What blog is this?

Safety in Numbers is Brighter Planet's blog about climate science, Ruby, Rails, data, transparency, and, well, us.

Who's behind this?

We're Brighter Planet, the world's leading computational sustainability platform.

Who's blogging here?

  1. Patti Prairie CEO