Posted by bessie on Monday, November 02, 2009.

Behind the Scenes of the Project Fund Video

Check out our latest video made with the wonderful Blender animation software.

Download the behind the scenes files!

This project began with a script about plants, which turned into a storyboard of pencil sketches, plants, flowers, seeds of all kinds swelling and dropping from their branches. These sketches evolved into a collection of 3d models, and rigs and everything seemed to be going according to plan.

Then a bee flew into the room and landed near my desk. It’s wings slowed from a blur to rest on its back. When the little guy looked up at me everything changed. I threw out the script and the storyboard. I shut down my animation software and started over with pencil and paper to tell the story of the bee.

Voting for this month’s projects began yesterday and closes on the 15th, so vote today!


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