Posted by bessie on Friday, August 14, 2009.

Tame your carbon footprint with the new

We turned on our new website for real this week. w00t! WAHOO!! YEE-HAWW!!! (Beg pardon — that little celebration has been more than a year in coming.)

The new is a free, fun, and easy-to-use web utility that will help you succeed in living a more planet-friendly lifestyle, in the same way that other online tools help people get a handle on their finances or adopt a diet/fitness regimen. All you need to get rolling is a desire to be part of the solution to environmental challenges. We’ll show you — and help you show others — how personal choices add up, how to get started, and where to pick off low-hanging fruit.

Feedback from early-bird users was immensely helpful in refining the app through our beta period. And (now that we’ve danced our little jig, kinda like these guys), it’s back to work. We’ll continue to shape based on your feedback, and we’re not planning to rest for a long while. There’s lots to do:

  • Twitter integration. Soon you'll be able to link your twitter account to your Brighter Planet profile. This will give you easy access to sharing your experience with your friends.
  • Facebook integration. Facebook connect is coming soon. You'll be able to interact with your facebook friends right from the Brighter Planet website.
  • Widgets and badges that can be embedded virtually anywhere.
  • Share your Brighter Planet activity anywhere via a custom RSS feed.
  • Carbon profiler precision: soon you'll be able to tell us how much waste you generate, and how much of it is recycled. You'll also be able to calculate your pet's emissions!
  • Carbon profiler UX enhancements: we're constantly working on new ways to make entering information easier.
  • Compare your footprint to others on Brighter Planet.
  • More third-party integration. We're all set to start doing data handshakes with some of the big get-things-done services (spots where you pay your bills, do some shopping, make travel plans, etc).
  • Historical data / visualizations. Set conservation goals and track your progress over time.

What’s missing from this list? What new feature (or change to an existing one) would make you the most excited?

Leave your thoughts here, or on our support site. Talk to us on Twitter, or Facebook. Wait… What?! You’re not signed up yet?!! Good grief, there’s no time for delay — get thee to the registration page!!

- Ian and Adam @ Brighter Planet

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